Grant Funding

Finding Financial Support for Your Business or Startup Can be Confusing. We Make it Easy.

It can feel overwhelming to find the right government grants and programs for your business. At Blue Sky BDC, we specialize in simplifying the process of accessing financial support tailored to your needs, taking the stress away from you. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive guidance every step of the way, from navigating through grants and government programs to preparing and submitting applications. With our expertise, you can discover funding opportunities with ease, ensuring your business gets the support it deserves.

Get the Funding You Need for the Next Phase in Your Business.

We offer a professional and comprehensive suite of services designed to help SaaS founders secure the funding they need to thrive in the competitive market. From cutting-edge AI solutions and automation to exclusive vendor savings, we provide the tools and resources necessary to streamline processes, reduce costs, and drive growth. 

Our dedicated team understands the financial challenges faced by small businesses, which is why we’re committed to assisting you in securing grants and financing through government programs and private funding sources.

With our expertise and network of financial partners, we match companies with ideal financing options tailored to their specific needs, saving time and enhancing growth potential.

Additionally, our experienced consultants and mentors offer personalized guidance and support as you navigate the challenges of scaling your SaaS company, ensuring you have the advice and resources needed to succeed. 

Trust Blue Sky BDC to be your partner in unlocking the funding and support required for your SaaS venture’s success.

Elevate Your Business with the Canadian Digital Transformation Strategy

Combine the power of leading-edge technology, innovative growth strategies, and over $100k in grant funding to fuel your growth.

In an era where digital advancement is more important to a company’s success than ever before, your business deserves a comprehensive strategy that not only embraces digitalization but propels it forward to gain the competitive edge in the marketplace.

Introducing the Canadian Digital Transformation Strategy (CDTS), an innovative evolution of the former Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). Designed by industry-leading digital advisors, the CDTS offers a tailored approach to digital transformation, ensuring your business stays ahead in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

The Canadian Digital Transformation Strategy is an exclusive program dedicated to enabling businesses to fully harness the power of digital technology while subsidizing key expenditures to fuel growth and improve profit margins. Our expert team guides you through a detailed digital assessment, digital maturity analysis, digital transformation strategy creation, and digital solution planning. This comprehensive service enables businesses to identify their digital strengths, areas for improvement, and the most effective pathways to digital excellence and successful business outcomes.

Does your business have (or planning for) expenditures in:


Customized Digital Transformation Plans

Receive a bespoke digital strategy that aligns with your business objectives, crafted by experts with deep industry knowledge.

Maximized Grant and Subsidy Opportunities

Leverage our expertise to access substantial financial assistance, reducing the cost barrier to implementing cutting-edge digital solutions and growth strategies.

Enhanced Digital Maturity

Elevate your business’s digital maturity, ensuring you stay competitive and responsive to market changes.

Strategic Investment in Key Areas

Focus your resources on critical business areas such as marketing, digitization, hiring and training of labour, and technology development, driving efficiency and growth.

New Features

Grant and Subsidy Facilitation

A standout addition to the CDTS is our grant and subsidy facilitation component. The CDTS aims to source and facilitate upwards of $60,000 to $100,000 or more in grants and subsidies annually for eligible businesses. This significant financial support empowers companies to invest more aggressively in their digital transformation journeys, improve their profit margins, and scale their growth.

Who Should Consider the CDTS?

The Canadian Digital Transformation Strategy is ideally suited for both emerging and scaling companies with substantial relative expenditures in marketing, digitization, hiring and training of labour, and technology development. Whether you’re looking to refine your digital strategy or revolutionize your business model, the CDTS offers the expertise, support, and financial facilitation to turn your digital goals into reality. Embrace the future with confidence. Let the Canadian Digital Transformation Strategy guide your business towards digital excellence and unprecedented growth. Contact us today to begin your transformation journey.

3 Steps to Success

Confirm Eligibility

15 minute questionnaire

Develop Digital Transformation Strategy

analysis, assessment, solution finding, and project planning

Grant facilitation

identify and apply for best-fit and high value grants for company each year

Potential Return on Investments

Investing in the Canadian Digital Transformation Strategy offers tangible returns, including:

Increased Operational Efficiency
Streamline processes and reduce overhead through targeted digital solutions, enhancing productivity and profitability.

Expanded Market Reach
Utilize digital marketing strategies and tools to access new customers and markets, significantly increasing revenue potential.

Improved Customer Experience
Implement advanced digital technologies to offer superior customer service and engagement, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Innovative Product and Service Development
Leverage digital insights and tools to innovate, staying ahead of competitors and meeting evolving customer needs.

Improved profitability
By implementing our proven grant facilitation process, subsidize 30-70% of your company’s major expenditures every year, resulting in 10-30% improvements in annual profits

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