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Being self employed is nothing new for  Jesse Lakusta.

Collectively owning and operating several businesses for well over a decade, Jesse is looking forward to working with growth-minded entrepreneurs or those company’s simply looking to become more efficient.

After recognizing an immediate need for business development services in companies of all shapes and sizes, Jesse sat down and planned a strategy for helping local, national and international businesses reach new heights in their businesses and overshoot their goals the right way.

After several months of planning and research, Blue Sky Business Development Corp. was born. The new venture offers an extraordinary combination of business skills wrapped into one neatly packaged organization that can catapult the success of any company that wants to break through their business barriers, capture missed opportunities and reduce revenue waste internally. 

By combining their individually unique skill sets, the team at Blue Sky BDC offers their clients a breadth of business knowledge that spans from business startup to business growth on all levels and a strong ability to create effective inbound marketing programs.

In a nutshell, ours is a solution based approach. We understand that knowing the problem is always half the solution. After our discovery session, we soon become an integral part of your team, implementing business development services that smoothly filter throughout all areas of opportunity across the board.

Our key objective is to structure a customized business development plan that drives both sales excellence and internal operations and processes. We comb over every aspect of our clients business looking for opportunity to produce cost savings, which we can funnel directly back into the sales and marketing activities.

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Meet the owner

The dynamic skill set of Blue Sky Business Development Corp’s founder Jesse Lakusta sets the stage for a new era in business development services. Read below to get to know him. 

Jesse Lakusta

Innovative, enthusiastic, while possessing a keen intuition and a sharp eye for detail; Jesse Lakusta has 18 years of business experience behind him and is the author of two books on business and success.

Jesse has grown into a highly desirable individual in the business development world. His skills and knowledge enable him to deal with and solve very complex situations with a tremendous amount of ease. Jesse realized early on in life that it was possible to make something out of nothing and is living proof that anything is achievable with the right mindset.

Being an entrepreneur can be difficult or easy depending on your level of commitment to get the results you’re looking for. Jesse’s insight into the development of your business strategies can be that important missing piece to the puzzle, which means you will experience the growth you are looking for.

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